OCTANE welcomes Karma Candles on Friday, May 10th


We’re excite to include Karma Candles as a sponsor for this year’s OCTANE: A Hangar Celebration for Hope on Friday, May 10th at the FirstWing Jet Center in Zionsville.

I graduated with a degree in Art Therapy. I’ve always been creative but hadn’t been utilizing my creative side. After cancer, I wanted an outlet and returned to my healing roots. I love burning candles, but after cancer I wanted safer and cleaner products in my home. My twin daughters and I started pouring soy wax candles. I wanted to make the cleanest burning candle I could. I use some of the finest and cleanest ingredients available. My wicks are natural cotton and lead and zinc free. My candles are hand poured, hand wicked, and each batch is crafted and measured with care in Carmel, Indiana.

I’m most proud of the fact that I donate candles to cancer foundations. My newest candle label is Hope in a Jar. Regardless of your diagnosis there is always hope. I’m proud to say I am a 2 year bilateral breast cancer survivor. My friends, family, and people I didn’t know showed me so much love when I entered the world of cancer. I named my business Karma Candles. I believe the good you put in the world comes back. I love the idea that every time my candles are lit they are spreading their hope and joy in the universe.

Join the team at Karma Candles in supporting the important work of Colby & Cate’s Charities at OCTANE. We're looking forward to seeing you in May.