OCTANE welcomes Cooler Designs on Friday, May 10th


We’re excite to include Cooler Designs as a sponsor for this year’s OCTANE: A Hangar Celebration for Hope on Friday, May 10th at the FirstWing Jet Center in Zionsville.

Creating successful spaces requires designs crafted to meet the unique needs of the owners, employees, and visitors associated with each project. At CDI we apply our in-depth knowledge of architectural design to the specific needs of each job to develop solutions to meet those requirements. Making the design process easy for our clients is part of our holistic approach. In addition to designing new buildings and redesigning existing spaces, CDI provides a number related services including equipment planning, transition planning and move management.

Our team's instinctive ability to understand client goals and our in-depth understanding of the required codes and regulations ensures smooth and timely project approvals and delivery. By anticipating the needs specific to each client's job, we assist them in developing successful projects.

Join the team at Cooler Designs in supporting the important work of Colby & Cate’s Charities at OCTANE. We're looking forward to seeing you in May.